«Desde niña, he percibido un mundo más allá del mundo físico, colores, olores, palabras y sensaciones llegaban a mí.»

Una brisa mágica llena de Destellos de Luz
Un perfume de amor que me embriaga,
me transporta a otros lugares del Universo y
hace mi corazón expandirse, sonreír, vibrar.
Que lluevan flores sobre ti
Rem Lam Man

I came across with Rebeca through a recommendation of a friend. I tried lots of tarot and palm readers or psychic people while having a problem but I never was really happy with the outcome.
Rebeca instead she flashed me totally with her ability to access «Akashi books»!
You write down your questions you always wanted to knew about you, your job, your love, your family or whatever….
She asks your masters, angels and guides for advice due to your list of questions. (más…)

Mike Stey

Akashic Records Rebeca Lacasa

Rebeca is a gift life put in my way, I found her during a very low point in life and she helped me in the most generous and kind way. I had a couple’s session with her where she accessed both my Akashi books and my husband’s and shared the guidance and wisdom of our ancestors.
She welcomed us in such a way that we felt at peace, her voice was so calming, then the messages started to come in, they gave me such an insight of who I am and why things happen in my life the way they do, they gave us hope, they gave us peace, they gave us strength to move forward. (más…)

Ingrid Salinas