Rebeca is a clear and pure channel for the messages and guidance I received in the Akashic records reading. She is gracious, attentive, kind, patient, and truly has your wellbeing at heart.
Within weeks after the reading I noticed shifts in my life, and what was addressed in the reading actually started manifesting in a very tangible way. The meditation, guidance and insights she provides are deeply personal to my unique experience and path.

Rebeca, thank you for guiding me along my spiritual journey and providing tools and insights to help me gain clarity on my path, align with my higher self and purpose, manifest my souls calling, and connect with my gifts and share them as well.

On a practical note, at the end of the session she provides an audio recording of the session. I really appreciate this because during the reading I was able to stay present and engaged because I didn’t need to take notes. She encouraged me to listen to the audio again and to continue to practice the meditation that we did together in the reading.

Janeen Yusuf, Ayurveda Practitioner and Yoga Teacher
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Janeen Yusuf